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The Three P's of Safe Winter Driving

PREPARE for the trip;
PROTECT yourself; and
PREVENT crashes on the road.

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Information on Ebola


As the national conversation about Ebola continues, we've been asked about where residents can get information and how the City prepares.

We recommend that people refer to the CDC's guidelines, as they are the experts on the subject. (

There is so much false information going around that it is important that you get your information from the single source with the most reliable information.

Baytown's emergency responders have personal safety protocols that they train, plan and practice with. They get regular updates from the CDC and SETRAC (Southeast Texas Regional Advisory Committee) on how to be best prepared to handle an epidemic situation.

The City has succession planning in place that deals with how to maintain our ability to continue services in the event of any disaster - natural, man-made, or epidemic in nature. We have a communicable disease plan that specifically covers how we will respond in the event of any epidemic. We are in regular conference calls with State Emergency Management to ensure that we stay up-to-date on the current situation, and that we're aware of any advisories or issues that need to be addressed.


Hurricane Season

    How prepared are you?



LEPCThe Emergency Management Division also manages and co-chairs, with industry, theLocal Emergency Planning Committee(LEPC), which is a federally required hazardous materials planning and community education committee. 



The Emergency Operations Center is not activated at this time.


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Emergencies Only 911

City of Baytown:

Emergency Management (281) 420-6556
Police Department (281) 422-8371
Fire Department (281) 422-2311
BAWA (water quality) (281) 426-3517
Health Department (281) 420-5384
City Hall (281) 422-8281
Ask Baytown (281) 420-5311


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